Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yaay! Won 4th Grand Award at Intel ISEF 2012! ^^

This is me doing science >:3 Me and my 10-core 2DWPU processor

Hello :D  Recently spent one week in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania at Intel ISEF - international (though 50 % of people there are from USA and the other half are "guests") science fair for young students with high school projects, where I presented my own project I created during high school - my experimental processor architectures (I'm trying to change the way processors work and the way we write programs for them), especially 2DWPU.

Intel ISEF is the biggest scientific event of its kind, the smartest people from the whole world get there. I represented my country (Czech republic) with my research project in Computer Science, against dozens of other projects in this category and managed to even get fourth grand award! ^^' This award and the whole Intel ISEF is a huge milestone for me, so I hope you don't mind I'm sharing it :3

Which means cash prize, but it's also a ticket to basically any prestigious university around the world and also shows, that Weird Processing Units caught interest of some people (not as much as some cancer research, that's always a big hit, but we can't all research  cancer, can we *giggles in a somewhat silly way*) :3 And most importantly I got a lot of experience and it was a wonderful week which I'm never gonna forget and it only solidified me with my resolve to do more things and more projects for the future, because as Intel's futurist Brian David Johnson said there, future is what WE make it and he knows it's gonna be awesome, because we (Intel ISEF finalists) will be making it, future scientists and engineers. And I already got a lot of plans (and some had to be pushed away), which I'll reveal in time, so keep tuned  (you can watch for them on my personal website)

There's also swarm of press wanting to do interviews and such with me, so I'm a bit overwhelmed, here's one article about it, it's in Czech though, so use Google Translator or something.

Also here's an interview with me in the TV (and there's going to be another one next week), though it's in Czech as well, but... well I guess good enough for demonstration ^^'

Here's a video documentary from the whole Intel ISEF!
Express version here:

And here's a photo of photos of me in the newspapers... PHOTOCEPTION! >:3

And here's a complete photo gallery :3