Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A birthday present from my country?

As you might know (if you lurked on my profile, website or blog), I've already received some prestigious awards for my science efforts and my inventions, both at national and international level (Intel ISEF 2012 in the Pittsburgh), where I represented my country (Czech Republic), which made me pop in the newspapers, radio and TV.

And now I've got another great news! I received an invitation from the government office of the region where I live (it's called Moravskoslezko), inviting me to their office where they want to personally thank me for my achievements and the award I won for my country, by using my brain and imagination to create something new and improve how things work :-)

The interesting part about this is the date of the invitation, which is October 30, which is my birthday. I wonder if it's just a funny coincidence or if that was actually an intentional choice, although it's probably the former, as they're thanking also other young people for their awards and achievements.

So now I have one more thing to look forward to ^^ On the other hand, I find this somewhat weird, like winning an award for a country, or representing a country. It feels like some sort of isolation. I create things for everyone, from anywhere, basically for the whole humanity to enjoy, I didn't make it for my country or any other subset of all the people. It's just that I happened to be born in this country and that I also live here (for now), that's something that I can't choose, that nobody can choose and what should be only considered for awarding are these, that people can achieve intentionally, by putting a lot of work into them.

But that's a topic I want to talk on another day, for now, I just wanted to share the news with you, I'll say how it went after October 30 and for now, I'm just looking forward to this interesting (and probably unintentional) birthday present from my country :-)

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