Sunday, December 23, 2012

Early Christmas

So another Christmas is coming soon apparently, but it seems like some of it happened to me already! First I  got a diploma from the minister of education for representing my country, then the game I'm developing got first success and started to sell and just now, I got an email that I'll get a free Leap Motion dev-kit!

Which got me very excited! When I saw the video-presentation of the device first, I was quite impressed. I think it has huge potential to become the future of controlling our computers and devices. I guess it won't entirely replace keyboard (mouse maybe), but it will open so many new options and ways to interact with the computers with a mere swing of your hand.

And it's going to be just $70! I decided to definitely get at least a piece for developing and playing with, but since they also had form for developers, where they could get a free early dev-kit if they show them existing work and tell them about their idea for an app utilizing the device, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try and filled it out.

To my surprise, a few days ago I got a mail that they accepted it and they're going to send me a free dev-kit! ^^ I'm very happy and can't wait until it arrives, because I got even many more ideas for things I would do with it and I hope I'll make people from Leap Motion happy too, for giving me this opportunity, for which I'm very grateful. Once I have the Leap Motion prototype at home, I'll start playing with it and surely post some videos of my creations with it as well!

Anyway, the diploma thing is quite nice event, although these kinds of events always make me quite nervous for some reason, plus I find it a bit ridiculous to essentially receive an award for an award (I was invited because of the grand award I got at Intel ISEF 2012 in Computer Science with my invention - new and alternative processor architecture and programming language), but as someone mentioned (I can't remember who it was - sorry!) the award system tends to feed on itself. But hey, at least I got a nice book full of pictures of floofy animals in addition to the diploma! ^^

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My game OverLight finally released on Desura! With 50% off

Great news! My game just got released on sale on Desura for alphafunding! With 50% off during the alpha, so you can get it now while it's cheap(er)! There's also free version if you like, but it lacks some features (it's always an older version than the current paid alpha).
I'm very happy and excited, because it's my first indie title and first thing to be released by the new company/creative-studio that I'm founding and finally after long work, it's out there! ^^ But there's still a lot of work to be done, adding features and levels to the game and finishing it up, but if you want to support development, you can get it now, or even suggest your own features!
OverLight is an indie casual arcade/puzzle themed game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS devices. The basic principle is to redirect lasers beams by strategically breaking glass blocks (for which you lose points), so that two beams go through the same block, make it overheat and blow up, for which you receive points.
You can get it here: 
Desura Digital Distribution
Check out also its official homepage:
Or the official Facebook page:
Here's the official trailer: